WorkForce Central certifies organizations to affiliate with the WorkSource brand

When a job seeker, worker or business walks into a job center looking for help, they deserve excellent service. The WorkSource brand serves as a stamp of excellence they can easily recognize to offer a high-quality experience. Certification is the process by which organizations demonstrate their ability to meet the complex demands of today’s job seekers.


Any agency or organization that serves unemployed, underemployed and emerging job seekers is invited to certify as a WorkSource partner.

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The Certification standards are based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria, reflecting a commitment to strive for superior performance, continuous improvement and highly satisfied customers. Three levels of certification are available:

  • Full service job centers: Co-located facilities where comprehensive job seeker (WIOA) services are offered.
  • Partner affiliate sites: Spaces where at a minimum basic career services are offered.
  • Connection satellite sites: Spaces where technology is available for job seekers to access online workforce development system resources.
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  1. Complete an application. Applications received by each quarterly submission deadline (outlined below) will be reviewed in the following quarter.
  2. Prepare for a site visit. Site visits are an important part of the certification process because it allows our review team to understand your program offerings. (If you are not selected for a site visit, proceed to step 3.
  3. Review the Technical Assistance Report. WorkForce Central sends Technical Assistance Reports outlining the steps to take before your organization’s application can be approved. Once those steps have been completed, you may begin the process again with a new application. There is no limit to the number of times you may submit an application.
  4. Enjoy the benefits of the WorkSource brand. Congratulations! Once your application is approved, you are officially a part of the WorkSource network. Congratulations!


WorkForce Central offers FREE training to help you succeed throughout the certification process. Even if you’re not yet ready to apply, you can participate, learn best practices and improve upon the work you already do.


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