Hiring & Training Services


WorkForce Central Business Services partners with Pierce County employers to make attracting and growing a qualified workforce simple, efficient and within budget. We do this through assisting employers with hiring, recruitment and human resources services, while working with industries to ensure the workforce is trained in the skills employers need to expand their business and the economy.



The WorkForce Central Business Connection provides Pierce County employers with a full menu of recruitment options. Our experienced professionals act as an extension of your Human Resources Department; we post and manage job positions, screen resumes, source applicants, perform interviews, and more!

Our most frequently requested recruiting services include:

  • Job Postings
  • Applicant Management
  • Candidate Searches
  • Contingency Recruitments
  • Hiring Event Coordination and Organization

With insights gained from decades of experience in recruiting, The WorkForce Central Business Connection team employs the most appropriate recruiting techniques for each unique situation. Working closely with employers every step of the way, The WorkForce Central Business Connection makes attracting the right person with the right skills at the right time simple and efficient, and within budget.

How to List an opening with WFC Business Services

    Step 1 Download the Job Listing Form
    Step 2 Fill out and return the listing form by email to Julia OR Abigail. You may also fax it to 253.830.5226.
    Step 3 
    Recruiting team will follow-up with any additional questions

    When filling out the job listing form, you can substitute an electronic version of the job description and minimum requirements, as a separate attachment to your email. Most posting requests will go live the same day we receive them, however requests submitted after 4:00 p.m. will go up the next business day.


    Pre Employment

    The WorkForce Central Business Connection provides Pierce County employers with a variety of pre-employment services that reduce on-boarding costs. These DOL compliant services minimize inappropriate hires, improve employee turnover, and also satisfy legal documentation requirements.

    Some of our most requested services include:

    • Job Postings
    • Social Security number and I-9 verification
    • Nationwide criminal history check
    • Multi-state instant criminal and sex offender registry check
    • Driving record verification
    • Credit check
    • Drug screening via lab urine collection or on-site swabbing
    • Specific skill testing to verify resume stated abilities
    • Confirmation of professional references, credentials and licenses

    By using certified and DOL compliant resources, The WorkForce Central Business Connection ensures accurate, timely information that employers need to make the best possible hiring decisions. All authorization documents are provided and stored on the employer's behalf.


    Training Services

    WorkForce Central understands the need to align workforce supply with industry demand. By working with specific industries and learning what skill sets are most needed for current and future job openings, we provide targeted training services to incumbent workers, newly unemployed, long-term unemployed and those looking to learn new skills.

    Successful Ongoing Initiatives

    Manufacturing Academy - WorkForce Central partners with local aerospace and manufacturing employers, community and technical college advisory boards, manufacturing and aerospace apprenticeship programs and the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Material Manufacturing, creating the Manufacturing Advisory Group, which addresses the shortage of entry level manufacturing workers through a pre-apprenticeship manufacturing curriculum.

    Healthcare Career Coaching - Through partnership with local healthcare facilities, this program serves the business needs of today by assisting low-wage workers to climb the career ladder, while preparing for the future as their employees progress up career pathways, preparing for company growth and the ever changing dynamics of the work they perform. Career coaches provide career coaching and planning, aptitude assessment, financial aid and training information to healthcare employees and their employers.

    WorkForce Central continues to look for innovative solutions and partnerships with additional industries to develop a workforce trained in the skills those industries need.