Human Resource Services


Providing Service to Business

WorkForce Central Business Services is your link to affordable, convenient, and quality human resources training and employee development services to meet your business needs. Our experienced professionals provide custom solutions to assist your human resource staff and hiring managers. 


Our services include:

Federal and State Anti-discrimination Laws

Legal hiring processes

Pre-employment testing

Do's and don'ts concerning reference and background checks

Candidate evaluation

EEO Compliant Job Descriptions

Compensation Studies

Skills Testing


Policy Manuals

Each of these tools contribute to overall efficiency and productivity in any organization. WorkForce Central Business Services works side-by-side with hiring managers, owners and HR professionals in all industries to implement the tools appropriately and legally. Companies using these validated, EEO compliant services reduce turnover by identifying the best fit for their positions, as well as the most promising candidates for growth with their organizations.

For more information, please contact Julia Brooks by phone at 253.448.9247, or click HERE to email her.