CareerLink Pierce County is an online tool which helps students and career-seekers achieve their future career goals by bridging the gap between school and the work world. CareerLink Pierce County creates a platform in which area students and job-seekers can actively interact with area employers and career coaches with the goal of:

  • Helping students find relevance in what they are learning in the classroom
  • Engaging students early in thinking about their careers
  • Making a positive impact our region’s graduation rates

How does the program work?

CareerLink Pierce County is a web-based career preparation and readiness platform. By integrating career development tools, social media elements and workforce data into a seamless system, job creators, students, educators and parents can connect efficiently and effectively. Students interested in a career can connect with real companies and real-life professionals in that career area. The system, which is powered by a licensed product called Career Cruising, provides a customized information sharing and resource gathering environment where students/job-seekers can:

  • Learn about area companies that offer jobs and careers in their area of interest
  • Participate in career discussions with an online mentor/career coach from that company
  • Further interact with that company by participating in other Professional Connection Activities (PCAs), such as job-shadowing, internships, company tours, and summer employment

How can educators participate?

  • Make sure your school is licensed with Career Cruising. If you or your school are interested in participating in CareerLink Pierce County, please contact us at
  • Volunteer by signing up to be an online mentor/career coach in education or another field of study. Do you have expertise in a particular career field? Would you like to share your experiences with interested students and job seekers? Contact us at careerlink@workforce-central.orgfor more information.

(Attention: All registrants are subject to a Nation wide criminal and sex offender background check before you account is activated. For more information on the terms, please click Terms-and-Conditions )