Health Career Day is offered to high school youth in order to broaden students' knowledge about the healthcare industry and the variety of healthcare career opportunities available.

Student and Chaperone Registration

Since 2007, over 3,600 high school students have attended the event, including home schooled students, public, private and tribal high schools. Students attend seminars covering a myriad of health careers, from lab technician, informatics and nursing to sports medicine. College and career preparation seminars are also offered. For many students, this is their first exposure to healthcare careers beyond doctors and nurses.

Required Release Forms

Field Trip Release is required for each student but should be kept by the teacher in their student files - please use your required school forms.

Individual Release Form is also required for each student attending and must be presented by the chaperone or teacher accompanying the students at the time of registration. Please confirm you have both documents.


Students:  Sack lunches will be available in the University Center, Regency Room. There is also a reserved section for the students to eat their lunches on the lower floor of the University Center in the Scandinavian Center. The number of lunches ordered will be based up on registration information provided by each school and vouchers will be given to the students at check-in.  

Teachers/Chaperones: Also located in the University Center, directly across from the Exhibit Hall, will be networking lounges open to all exhibitors, teachers and chaperones.  No children or students will be allowed in the adult lounges. The lounges will be stocked with light refreshments throughout the day. A sack lunch will be provided for all teachers/chaperones. Or you may purchase food at the PLU cafeteria also located in the University Center. The number of lunches ordered will be based upon the information provided through registration. Vouchers for the lunches will be given to the teachers/chaperones at check-in.