The Tacoma-Pierce County Growth Partnership is a cross-sectoral initiative to act upon two convictions regarding development work in the 21st century:

  1. We need to achieve more with local and existing resources. The economy will not grow fast enough to resolve our social and economic issues, and the level of federal spending is unsustainable.
  2. Those resources that will be available will be secured for the region through demonstrated effectiveness and collaboration; the former being strengthened by the latter.

Development efforts are divided into six categories:

Community Development

Economic Development

Pre-K through12 Education

Post-secondary Education

Transitioning Veterans/Spouses

Workforce Development

The Partnership believes that development work in all its forms —community, economic, life-long learning and workforce, is a moral and social imperative to maintain the integrity of a community. It also believes that to be sustainable and attract new partners, it must demonstrate the value of the potential social and economic impact exceeds the cost of the investment.

The Partnership advocates for an environment in which all levels of stakeholders, organizations and coalitions in Pierce County work together to collectively benefit from inevitable change rather than merely bracing for that change.

Above all, the Partnership believes that an innovative and collaborative effort with comprehensive buy-in will absolutely be something we can use in Pierce County and the region to attract, conserve and generate sustainable resources that support our efforts to achieve development goals critical for the health and future of our communities.