We have a unique opportunity to demonstrate how a county should excel in the 21st century. We have the resources and will to do so, and are collaboratively working to overcome the obstacles and realize our vision for Pierce County.

Great Citizens

We grow great citizens that are engaged, socially connected, and use our rich diversity to our advantage.

  • Citizens are engaged and socially connected
  • Young leaders have abundant opportunities
  • We welcome differences and recognize commonalities

Safe and Healthy Communities

We have communities that are livable, healthy, safe, and sustainable for all people and families.

  • Our communities have high walkability and health scores
  • Our families live in safe, affordable, quality housing
  • We are good stewards of the environment We have low violent crime rates
  • Everyone has access to healthy, affordable food

Trained and Competitive Workforce

We provide a first class workforce that is aligned with the needs of our industries, earns a livable wage, and reflects the diversity of our population.

  • Populations traditionally underrepresented in the workforce are competitive in the labor market
  • We attract and retain top talent while looking ahead
  • Youth ages 16-24 are in school and/or employed Employers recognize the quality of the talent pool and participate in preparing the workforce
  • The median household income is above the national average
  • The unemployment rate is below the state average

Well-Integrated veterans and Families

Our veterans and their families integrate well into the civilian community and workforce. Transitioning veterans integrate into the civilian community and workforce.

  • Transitioning veterans integrate into the civilian community and workforce

Robust Economy

We have a robust economy with a strong foundation of tech industries, entrepreneurship, tourism, and transportation.

  • We capitalize on our assets (e.g. outdoor recreation, Port, US Open course)
  • Everyone has access to a banking institution
  • We are a major tourist destination and embrace that identity
  • People and products are transported with efficiency
  • Entrepreneurs have access to capital and an expedited regulatory environment

Well-Educated Community

We are innovative, critical thinking, lifelong learners who are globally competitive and proficient in science, technology, math, and communication.

  • At least 90% of all high school students graduate on time
  • All 3rd graders are proficient in math and reading, and all 8th graders are proficient overall
  • Everyone has access to the Internet and can use it productively
  • Every child has access to a licensed or cooperative preschool
  • By the 11th grade, every student has had substantial inter-action with higher education institutions and industry professionals
  • 70% of students enter a higher education program