About the Group

The Leadership team is a standing committee of the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force. Its purpose is to support the three committees in working in alignment with the mission of the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force to meet and sustain the outcomes of their individual group goals in the community. The second is to guide the Council as a collaborative unit making the necessary adjustments needed to keep the development and overall operations and strategies of the task force moving forward.

Our collaborative leadership brings the intentional and impact lenses to community engagement. It reports to the WorkForce Central leadership board and has the authority to pilot and implement improved practices that help meet the charge above. The PCCETF Leadership Team will report regularly to the WorkForce Central Leadership Board and make recommendations for any changes that directly impact the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force’s structure or funding.

  • Strategic Development. Assisting in the needs to meet and sustain the outcome of the groups goals in the community.
  • Collaboration. Deploying improved practices with system partners and employers to better serve clients.
  • System Alignment. Creating a better understanding of the communities need vs Organizational wants to ensure equitable access.

Attend a Meeting

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

Please contact Tamar Jackson to learn where the next meeting will be held.


Tamar Jackson


Director of Community Engagement, WorkForce Central

Shellie Willis


Director of Quality Assurance Certification & Military Initiatives, WorkForce Central

Julianna Flanders

Marketing Strategist

Content Designer, WorkForce Central

All other group co-leads are also represented in the PCCETF Leadership group. Leaders on this page are a representation of WorkForce Central.