About the Group

The Organizational Structure group focuses on the institutions themselves, their governance, and how they operate. They assist organizations to become more responsive and responsible to the communities they serve by guiding them through the restructuring of operational policies: setting the new standard of professionalism and inter-agency integration.

They train the staff to recognize and eliminate micro-aggressive behaviors while supporting major systems and providers using a common assessment to compare policies, best practices, and resource allocation for racial equity.

  • Policy. Identifying and addressing the gaps in policy within service organizations.
  • DEI. Bringing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the forming policies of all service organizations.
  • Best Practices. Rebranding professionalism and interagency integration.

Attend a Meeting

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

Please contact Tamar Jackson to learn where the next meeting will be held.


Dr. Cindy Caldwell


ED of DEI Management, Certified Diversity Professional

Korbet Mosesly


Deputy Director of Programs, Metropolitan Development Council

Lawrence Garrett


Owner, 828 Consulting Firm

Rachel Pease


Director of Equity Development, Korsmo Construction