About the Group

The Outreach group focuses on helping other organizations and the community become aware of the PCCETF and services available. We are the outfacing source of truth for everyone involved: community, service providers, and employers. We strive to regain the confidence of the community by raising the bar in how we deliver services—especially within communities we have historically underserved.

By assisting community leaders in leveraging their own internal systems and collaborating with external services they may not have been aware of previously, we are changing the way we engage the community and creating a higher-level of customer experience.

  • Marketing & Branding. Bringing together all of the service provider organizations into one fully unified group to better help the community
  • Data Collection. Gathering real life data and facts to fuel needed changes to our service system.
  • Community Connection. Reconnecting with the community to regain their trust in the service system.

Attend a Meeting

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

Please contact Tamar Jackson to learn where the next meeting will be held.


Ana Owens


Managed Care Director, Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Julie Baxter


Engaged Community Member

Kelly Blucher


Manager of Community Engagement & Outreach, Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Regions

Tim Jumper


Manager of Community Engagement, Sound Outreach