About the Group

The Providers & Community (or People’s) Group works to maintain the importance of the client voice within the service system. The relationship/experience between the service provider and the client is key to creating an easily navigated system. They recognize and address the gaps between the community and direct service organizations by taking an intentional, human-centered approach responding to inequities.

By creating community advisory groups, clients are given a platform to express the difficulties of our current system, allowing us to better equip our service providers with the tools, training, and acknowledgment needed to improve the delivery of wrap around services for all.

  • Client Service. Upholding the importance of quality of service within the delivery of wrap-around services.
  • Resource Navigation & Response. Creating a system that the community can easily navigate themselves and fully address their needs.
  • Relationships. Creating a relationship of trust between client and provider. Giving the client a platform to voice their concerns about the system.

Attend a Meeting

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

Please contact Tamar Jackson to learn where the next meeting will be held.


Devon Isakson


ACT Program Manager, The REACH Center

Kari Haugen


Director of Workforce Services, WorkForce Central

Jeff Wolff


Co-Owner of Wane+Flitch, Private Sector

Marianne Seifert


Community Liaison, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department