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Success Story

Ramon R.

Ramon R., 22, advocated for himself to establish a partnership with Tacomaprobono by reaching out to see if they were interested in collaborating with the Hire Pierce County Next Gen internship program.

“Getting into the legal field is difficult, especially if you don’t have certain qualifications like degrees or work experience,” he said. “It’s also tough if you don’t have connections. So, it’s great to know there are programs out there to help overcome barriers to employment and help get your foot in the door to explore different career paths.”

As a result of his hard work, Ramon exited the program early because he was offered a full-time position with the organization as a paralegal.

In addition, Tacomaprobono also hosted three other young adult interns as a result of the successful partnership.

“This was a great opportunity to break into the industry, especially because I didn’t have the work experience,” Ramon said. “The program has allowed me to gain real-world experience.”

Ramon’s short-term goals are to complete his paralegal studies and to continue developing his skills in the legal field.

“This program has also helped to confirm my future plans,” he said. “I want to eventually attend law school, and this experience has helped me gain a better understanding of law.”

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