Success Stories & Testimonials

Linda C.

Linda found the next step in her career with the help of the WorkSource Pierce partners. She recently stopped by the center to let the team know she was hired as a project manager for Lease [...]

Tiffany T.

When Tiffany first connected to the WorkSource Pierce network, she was seeking assistance with her resume, job search, and access to jobs. She spoke to a career advisor who listened to her needs [...]

Ta’Nya M.

Ta’Nya found support and success through the WorkSource Pierce network of providers. Career Advisors supported Ta’Nya in her job search while also connecting her to other supportive services, [...]

Christine H.

After 15 years with the same company, Christine found herself unemployed. The stress of this life change and the challenges of navigating the process of finding a new job after so long brought [...]

Mainz Brady Group

Alex Lindner, Account Manager for the Mainz Brady Group, connected with the Business Solutions team through the WorkSource Pierce network seeking assistance promoting job opportunities with a [...]

Emma R.

As a military spouse, Emma had struggled to find her groove here in Pierce County. She wanted to begin a career in Washington that is flexible to her needs as a military spouse and can move [...]

Milo G.

Milo was attending a program for high school completion and needed assistance finding part-time work to support themself as they finished school.

Ryan M.

As Ryan was retiring from 20 years of military service, he sought support from the WorkSource JBLM office to help with his transition into civilian life. He worked with Employment Specialist [...]

Jenny G.

Jenny first visited the WorkSource JBLM location for assistance with her resume. When her career advisor reviewed her resume, they recognized she would be a good fit for the JBLM Spouse [...]

Jesse J.

Jesse was looking to change his career after working in the restaurant industry as a server. He struggled with working in the industry, especially during and after the pandemic. He wanted to find [...]

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