We bridge the skills gap.

Job seekers need to know what skills will earn them long-term income. Trainers and educators want to run programs that lead to job placement. Employers know what skills they need to hire today and in the future.

The Pierce County Workforce Development Council (WDC) and Chief Local Elected Officials establish the vision for the region’s workforce development system, known as WorkSource Pierce, to create a more prosperous economy.


An interlocal agreement between the City of Tacoma and Pierce County provides the foundation for workforce development initiatives across Pierce County. Elected officials from the City of Tacoma and Pierce County, as well as a representative of business, form a governing board which works closely with and appoints members to the Workforce Development Council (WDC). Together, their mission is to ensure the coordination of the WorkSource Pierce system.

Current members include:

Bruce Dammeier
Pierce County Executive

Victoria Woodards
City of Tacoma Mayor

Marty Campbell
Pierce County Councilmember

Conor McCarthy
City of Tacoma Councilmember

April Gibson
Workforce Development Council Chair

Linda Nguyen
Staff to the Chief Local Elected Officials


The Pierce County Workforce Development Council (WDC) is a business-led council comprised of community leaders with expertise in the public, private and philanthropic sectors. With a wealth of expertise, the WDC works side-by-side with the Chief Local Elected Officials to address workforce deficiencies, to upskill workers, to develop potential employees and to ensure the workforce development system offers the highest quality services to its customers.

The WDC meets once a month, and its individual committees meet on an as-needed basis.

  • Coordinating Committee
  • Business Services Committee
  • Youth & Young Adult Services Committee
  • Quality Assurance and Certification Committee
  • Pierce County WorkSource Leadership Team with a One-Stop System Advisory Group
Train Tracks Diverge
Do you have an interest in helping us develop a skilled workforce to sustain local businesses and grow the economy? Contact us at (253) 208-0869 or view our calendar to find upcoming meetings.


In July 2017, the Pierce County Workforce Development Council and Chief Local Elected Officials entered into a memorandum of understanding between several local agencies to establish a united, local framework for the implementation of services under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Click here to view the MOU.