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For Employers

Interested in hosting an intern?

We are excited to announce the open enrollment for businesses to participate in our paid internship programs, an initiative designed to bridge the gap between local talent and businesses in their field of interest. This program not only enriches your business with fresh perspectives but also paves the way for the next generation of professionals in your industry. 

Employer Eligibility

  • Must be able to provide meaningful work experience with daily supervision and technical direction.
  • Must have sufficient equipment and/or materials available for the intern to do the job requested.
  • Must allow release time from work for participation in other approved training activities.
  • Must be able to provide written evaluation on the intern’s performance.

Local impact since 2019

individuals placed in paid internships

businesses received an intern

hours worked by interns for local businesses

$1.1 Million
in wages paid to interns and saved by businesses

Typical internships range between 120 hours to 320 hours, giving the intern enough time to understand the basic duty of the position.

Interns can work up to 40 hours per week.

Interns are paid between the local minimum wage and up to $24/hr.

*The wage, length, and hours of the internship may vary depending on each position. Our business representatives will work with you to develop each experience that is mutually beneficial to both the intern and the business.

Benefits of Hosting an Intern

Talent Pipeline Development

Paid internships allow businesses to identify and prepare potential future employees, reducing hiring risks.

Close Skills Gaps

Internships provide training in specific skills needed by businesses, addressing industry skills shortages.

Fresh Perspectives & Innovation

Interns contribute fresh ideas and perspectives, fostering and enhancing company culture.

Brand Enhancement

Offering paid internships improves a business’s image as a socially responsible employer, attracting quality candidates for various roles.

Success Stories

Contact Us

Are you a business interested in hosting an intern? Use the form below to connect with our Business Solutions team to learn more about the Work Experience Program. 

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