TACOMA, Wash.  Are you looking for work?

More to the point: Are you looking for work in Pierce County?

Look no further than Live. Work. Pierce., an innovative new tool that allows WorkForce Central’s website to be the premier destination for job postings in our area.

“Almost half of Pierce County residents commute elsewhere for work each day, but there are so many career opportunities right here,” said Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier, who is a member of the WorkForce Central Executive Board. “Live. Work. Pierce. is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows people to search for their future job in one place, and we are excited for our residents to start taking advantage of this resource.”

By its very name, Live. Work. Pierce. is an acknowledgement of everything Pierce County has to offer.

Tired of that expensive, soul-sucking commute to Seattle every weekday? Wish you worked closer to home? Found on the WorkForce Central home page, Live. Work. Pierce. showcases every job opening in every industry that’s available in Pierce County, updated daily.

“We say it all the time: There are thousands of available jobs in our county at any given time,” said Linda Nguyen, CEO of WorkForce Central. “We feel strongly that Live. Work. Pierce. is the kind of comprehensive, efficient resource jobseekers and workers in Pierce County need to find those jobs, and work closer to home instead of commuting elsewhere.”

By scraping daily results from every major online jobs board, then narrowing by geographical area, Live. Work. Pierce. becomes the first board of its kind to display jobs specific to Pierce County  and all of Pierce County.

The tool is refreshed every day. With roughly 10,000 job openings here in Pierce County, part of WorkForce Central’s goal with its new one-stop shop for job postings is to help local employers find local talent to fill their needs and to stop the brain drain from our county to points north and south.

In turn, those Pierce County workers can find a job that’s close enough to home to make it back in time for Little League in the evenings.

In the big picture, that means a richer hiring pool for Pierce County businesses, fewer hours spent commuting for our residents, and a better quality of life for the South Sound as a whole.

To view the jobs board, visit

WorkForce Central strengthens the Pierce County economy by identifying skill gaps between jobseekers and employment opportunities, fostering data-driven decision making, and connecting workforce development partners into a cohesive, collaborative and effective network.


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