The release date for the Request for Proposals for Young Adult Services has been moved to February 1, 2021.



November 19, 2020


Pre-announcement of Young Adult Request for Proposals allows more planning time for applicants

WorkForce Central has announced that they will soon be releasing a Request for Proposals on January 8, 2021 (release date has been moved to February 1, 2021), seeking entities to provide Young Adult services in Pierce County. These services focus on preparing young people ages 16-24 for employment, including career pathway exploration, job coaching, training, work experience, and additional supports with the ultimate goal of ensuring young people gain and retain paid employment at a living wage.

In an effort to be transparent to the community and responsive to feedback about their procurement process, WorkForce Central is pre-announcing the Request for Proposals, providing more time for potential applicants to consider the proposal. This will also allow for interested applicants to use the time during this pre-announcement for planning.

To assists interested applicants with their planning, WorkForce Central has provided a list of key elements that they will be looking for in a successful proposal on the WorkForce Central website. Interested applicants may also prepare by exploring WorkForce Central’s WIOA Policy Handbook for information about providing Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)-funded Young Adult services.




Deborah Howell, Chief Operations Officer, 253-254-7618,
Joanna Rasmussen, Director of Communications, WorkForce Central, 253-213-2960,

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