November 19, 2020


Pre-announcement of Young Adult/Youth Request for Proposals allows more planning time for applicants

WorkForce Central has announced that they will soon be releasing a Request for Proposals on January 8, 2021, seeking entities to provide Young Adult/Youth services in Pierce County. These services focus on preparing young people ages 16-24 for employment, including career pathway exploration, job coaching, training, work experience, and additional supports with the ultimate goal of ensuring young people gain and retain paid employment at a living wage.

In an effort to be transparent to the community and responsive to feedback about their procurement process, WorkForce Central is pre-announcing the Request for Proposals, providing more time for potential applicants to consider the proposal. This will also allow for interested applicants to use the time during this pre-announcement for planning.

To assists interested applicants with their planning, WorkForce Central has provided a list of key elements that they will be looking for in a successful proposal on the WorkForce Central website. Interested applicants may also prepare by exploring WorkForce Central’s WIOA Policy Handbook for information about providing Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)-funded Young Adult/Youth services.




Deborah Howell, Chief Operations Officer, 253-254-7618,
Joanna Rasmussen, Director of Communications, WorkForce Central, 253-213-2960,