Journey of Positive Change

by Deborah Howell, Chief Operating Officer

March 4, 2021

It is not always the destination, but the journey. This past year has been one of assessment and learning. Like many of our partner organizations, WorkForce Central recognized that processes, policies, and culture needed dedicated attention for change.

In 2020, we barely scratched the surface, and in 2021, we will lean into change intentionally to make process changes that are streamlined and user-friendly for stakeholders, contractors, and customers. We will continue to assess policies against the tenants of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI). Community and stakeholder engagement will continue to have DEAI at the forefront as we move forward in partnership to enhance current and new initiatives. We have learned through a pandemic and through listening to the voices of our community members what we are capable of achieving together.

  • Enhanced Customer Service
    Adding more virtual services while recognizing that resources and services are not always equitable if technology is not made available. Recognizing that community partnership is key to responding with solutions.
  • Community Engagement
    Through customer voice and participation, designing and implementing more meaningful solutions for Pierce County’s diverse communities.
  • Evaluative Systems
    Learning how to look at evaluative systems differently is ongoing and critical work. This means closing the loop by getting feedback from stakeholders, customers, and businesses on the impact of evaluative processes.
  • Policy/Process
    Rethinking policies, service delivery, and onboarding through a DEAI lens.
  • Pipeline Development
    Identifying gaps in services and potential candidate pipelines that have not been engaged, specifically for communities of color. Finding community champions and assisting to lift voice when and wherever we can.
  • Youth Service
    Dedication to serving the young adult population predicated on their powerful voice.
  • Streamlined Processes
    Learning that in a crisis, we can expedite, only ask for what is needed, and make processes and systems easier to traverse.

These are just some of the learnings that have fostered change in WorkForce Central, partnerships, and the community. We know that we are not done, and change is a muscle that we will continually exercise—but we are ready for the challenge, and we embrace the journey!

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