April 29, 2022

It’s a more expensive world, but just how much more depends on what you’re buying and, in part, where you live. Some items, like Gasoline and Used Cars & Trucks are significantly more expensive than they were a year ago (respectively up 41.6% and 40.1%). Whereas some expenses, like education, tuition, and electricity, haven’t changed much.

Looking at the more stable inflationary measure, “All items less food and energy”, our area has seen about a 7% year-over increase in costs, half a percentage point higher than the US City Average.

While durables overall are up 25%, those indices appear to be plateauing, and many of these purchases can be delayed. Essential costs such as food (up 9.8%), housing (up 6%), and fuel (up 41.6%), however, are less avoidable.

Use this interactive chart below to explore how inflation may be effecting your pocketbook.

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