January 5, 2022


Tacoma, WA: A new jobs program for young adults aims to offer valuable work experience while aiding local businesses with staffing needs. Hire Pierce County: Next Gen pays interns $15 an hour for 20 hours a week for up to 16 weeks of work.

Eligible interns must be ages 16-24.

Workforce Central is partnering with Pierce County Economic Development, Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region, and other local agencies to implement the program, which is being funded with a $1 million investment from the American Rescue Plan Act through the county.

“Pierce County remains strongly invested in workforce development over the coming year,” County Executive Bruce Dammeier says. “We see this as a crucial investment in local business recovery and in the future workforce of the region.”

Hire Pierce County: Next Gen is a young adult internship program designed to engage young adults through access to career-building experience and a direct connection to the workforce, all while supporting businesses recovering from the pandemic. This program will help young adults gain the skills and training needed to succeed in various industries and is ideal for helping businesses with project-based lifts.

“Pierce County has been strongly committed to workforce development and recovery over the last two years. Meaningful work experience for young adults has a strong impact on chosen career pathways and future success,” says Katie Condit, CEO for WorkForce Central. “It is especially important for young people facing systemic barriers to employment. Hire Pierce: Next Gen has a dual-pronged positive impact on businesses and young people across Pierce County.”

Interested employers and employees can apply at More than 120 employers are currently engaged in the program. Placements are based on the number of young adult enrolments. Businesses will be intentionally matched with the young adult’s area of interest and location.

Employers may fill one or multiple positions and no payroll or hiring is necessary.

The program also offers resume and career-building support, ongoing coaching and mentoring, training in marketable skills, career navigation assistance, and letters of recommendation. Hire Pierce County: Next Gen will continue to accept applications into spring 2022.

For more information about the Hire Pierce County: Next Gen internship program visit WorkForce Central’s website, Click the Program tab and then “Hire Pierce County.”


Media Contacts

Katie Condit, Chief Executive Officer, 253-495-8515,

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