June 5, 2024

Industry training plays a crucial role in workforce development by supporting individuals to grow professionally and helping employers build a skilled and adaptable workforce capable of meeting the demands of a dynamic market.

Paid training is a significant portion of the work we do at WorkForce Central through the WorkSource Pierce network of providers. We partner with employers, training providers, and organizations to offer a wide variety of these opportunities in multiple sectors. Our recent Industry Training Report highlights the impact and accomplishments of this work from July 2022 to January 2024.

During that time, WorkForce Central invested $2.6 million into paid training programs serving more than 600 individuals and representing more than 91,000 hours in training  invested by program participants.

Opportunities ranged from our widely popular Industry Training Cohorts for Certified Nursing Assistants, Advanced Manufacturing, and Wastewater Treatment to Individualized Training such as Certified Driver Licenses, Dental Programs, and other certifications. WorkForce Central also supported paid internships and other On-the-Job Training, while the Employer Upskill/Reskill Fund helped pay for certifications and training for employees working at small businesses.

Paid learning is crucial in building a skilled workforce while supporting participants with an income. It has helped numerous job seekers find stable employment and even grow into better quality jobs. As a military spouse, Emma had struggled to find employment in Pierce County. She wanted to begin a career in Washington that was flexible to her needs. She received tuition assistance to attend dental assisting school and was connected to paid Work Experience opportunities. She was hired as a Dental Sterilization Assistant and is getting paid as she learns on the job.

For Maryah, getting connected to an internship offered a lifeline. She came to the WorkSource Pierce office in Tacoma seeking immediate employment. As a single mom, she was at risk of losing her house and car, and her phone had been shut off due to the dire financial situation she was in. A paid internship provided Maryah with the opportunity for immediate employment and a livable wage to provide for her family while determining her next career .

We continue to foster and grow our paid learning opportunities, forging new partnerships and seeking additional funding sources to diversify our portfolio of offerings with the goal of building a robust, skilled workforce to ensure economic vitality across the region.


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