June 16, 2021

New Employee Development Program

by Teresa Delicino, Senior Director of Business Solutions

A new employee development grant program is underway at WorkForce Central.

The Pierce County Workforce Development Council recently authorized $200,000 to seed an incumbent worker training grant program. This pilot program is designed to strengthen the competitiveness of both employers and their employees to fortify against future layoffs by providing training that deepens the skills and capacities of workers.

For employers, these grants can improve employee engagement and retention, attract new talent, increase collaboration between departments, and speed up the adoption of new trends within the company or industry. For employees, new skills and/or credentials can provide job sustainability, increased workplace opportunity, and upward mobility.

WorkForce Central is currently developing this employer-based grant program and aims to implement it in September 2021.

For more information about this program, contact Teresa Delicino at tdelicino@workforce-central.org.

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