June 16, 2021

Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force Update

by Chloe Wilhelm, Program Assistant

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force has recently completed our Lens of Equity Mini-Series, which focused on the four components of an equitable organization: People, Policy, Practice, and Promotion. We’re planning for the series to be followed in early 2022 by the Lens of Equity Summit, an interactive event for individuals and organizations to learn how to amplify their journey towards creating anti-racist workplace culture.

In addition, we’re excited to have launched our new video series called The Corner. The Corner highlights our partnerships, the people behind them, and their work in our community. Our first guest on the Corner was Jennifer Robbins from Help Kitchen, a new nonprofit organization in Pierce County that strives to bridge the hunger gap for families and individuals while helping local restaurants.

Most recently, our June Task Force meeting focused on mental health awareness and self-care. The event featured two speakers from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and Beacon Health Options who led presentations, launched discussions, and provided resources.

Moving into July, we are looking forward to launching additional workshops and conversations within the Task Force.

Learn more about the Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force and the work we are doing together in the community on the Task Force website pccetf.org.

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