Business Highlight: Aero Precision Sees Employee Growth Despite Pandemic 

January 27, 2022

Incredible growth is absolutely possible during a pandemic! Our friends at Aero Precision know all about that.  Aero Precision grew from approximately 250 employees just before the pandemic struck, to now over 700 employees. 

This growth is testament to their hard work and dedication to their organization and to their employees.  Due to their incredible growth, Aero Precision expanded from 142,000 square foot facility to over 268,000 square feet.   

Aero Precision utilized many different strategies to make this happen.  They held on-site hiring events (following COVID-19 health and safety protocols), posted jobs online, and were diligent in gaining visibility for their employment opportunities. 

Workforce Central’s Business Solutions Team was there to help by ensuring the Aero Precision team had a spot at seven monthly Hire Pierce County Virtual Job Fairs during 2021. 

Further, the team assisted in recruiting by helping to post job announcements to various job boards and by distributing their jobs to the jobseekers at WorkSource Pierce.  The Business Solutions Team also well stayed in touch on a monthly basis to determine how the team could magnify Aero Precision’s efforts like the on-site job fairs they personally hosted.   

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