Pierce County Apprenticeships

December 1, 2022

More than 700 residents in Pierce County are currently employed via apprenticeships. With 86 different programs and providers, Pierce County apprenticeships represent nearly 200 different paid career pathways. Apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships offer unique and compelling pathways to quality jobs in our region. Apprenticeships provide individuals with a structured pathway to mastering an art, trade, or job that results in long-term, quality employment.

While these offer valuable opportunities, more work is needed to ensure that these pathways are equally accessed by women and people of color, and even more is necessary to secure equitable outcomes. Below is an interactive dashboard (just hover over the graphs) illustrating Pierce County apprentices over time by status, program, occupation, and demographic characteristics. (L&I Apprenticeship Details)

Learn more about apprenticeship opportunities in Pierce County in our Apprenticeship Program Guide.

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