Child Care Capacity Initiative Seeing Positive Outcomes

June 26, 2023

Just five months into its first cohort, the Child Care Capacity Initiative is already seeing positive outcomes in increasing the number of spots at facilities in Pierce County.

WorkForce Central is supporting First 5 Fundamentals, The Pierce County Early Childhood Network, and Pierce County in using a $1.4 million grant to create a support system for child care providers. With a goal to create a long-lasting, sustainable program that brings stability to the system as a whole, the Child Care Capacity Initiative started its first cohort of 13 child care providers in January.

Cheri Beavers has been leading the Child Care Capacity Initiative since May 2022. Since the pilot launched in January, the Initiative has already met 60% of their goal to increase capacity.

Some of the overall goals for the project include increasing the number of child care slots by a minimum of 200 by September 2024 and continuing to build the Initiative’s network of partners.

So far, they have met 60% of their goal. In the first five months of 2023, Cohort A has increased slots by 120 for before and after school care. These slots will serve families with children and students ages 5 – 12 years.

“This progress will have a positive impact on the waiting list for before and after school child care that Tacoma Public Schools is experiencing,” said Cheri Beaver, project manager.

They’re also building a robust network of partners, with more than 300 organizations and individuals joining the efforts.

“This includes braiding funding in an effort to serve a larger population of the community, collaborating on building child care sites with other nonprofits increasing both in-home and center-based care, and working with financial partners to ensure access for child care providers to needed funding for their sites,” according to Cheri Beavers, project manager.

To learn more about the Child Care Capacity Initiative, read its most recent report.

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