New Space at WorkSource Office Offers Safe Space for Youth

December 20, 2023

A new special space at the WorkSource Pierce Office in Tacoma offers a warm and comfortable environment for young adults to work toward their career goals. The new Youth Resource Room is available for youth-focused programs and events.

“We are working to create a space where young adults feel safe, represented, and supported while accessing support to employment and education services,” said Ashley Sloan, Youth Program Manager for Career TEAM.

The space features representation of leaders from all backgrounds and lived experiences to demonstrate the multifaceted stories that might inspire a young person on their pathway. There are also plans to bring in some more casual, comfortable furniture for youth to enjoy while in the center.

Already, the space is being used for walk-in appointments as well as planned youth programs and events, and there are Chrome Books available for working on resumes and applying for jobs.

Sloan said the hope is to invite resource partners and youth-focused employers to utilize the space as WorkSource Pierce continues its work in building a robust young adult program.

Any partner interested in partnering in the space can reach out to Sloan at

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