This mission is about seeing past our titles, our organizations, our performance targets, our competition, and instead, focus on the stories of our shared customers, our community, and fulfilling a higher promise not to leave anyone behind, or pushed aside.

Everyone has a story they want to tell; we just need to stop and listen to them the first time not when it’s too late and they’ve lost hope. The person shouldn’t have to navigate a system, the system should be navigating the person, the whole person.

Membership is open and inclusive for all who wish to be involved in our work.



The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force uses an innovative community engagement framework to integrate services with a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to foster economic mobility of Pierce County individuals and families.


We empower service providers to connect with service recipients with empathy and skill that provides transformational support done with dignity and respect.

The framework and purpose for reducing implicit bias in community engagement is based on the principles that respect the rights and voices of all community members by keeping them informed, consulted, involved, and empowered. Our areas of focus and plan for achieving them are as follows:

  • Leadership. Understand community needs vs. organizational wants in order to create equitable access to services.
  • Organizational Structure. Rebranding professionalism and interagency integration. Training the staff to recognize and eliminate the negative behaviors associated with institutional racism. Create direct access to leadership and decision makers in our community.
  • Outreach. Build trust within Piece County among those we have historically underserved, including having a clear “ask” with transparent decision making.
  • Providers/Community. Bridge the gap between what the system provides and what the community needs, by taking a human-centered design approach.


Attend a meeting

The Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Please contact Tamar Jackson to learn where the next meeting will be held.



Areas of focus: Strategic Development, Collaboration, Systems Alignment

Group Leads

  • Tamar Jackson, PCCETF Leader
  • Shellie Willis, Facilitator
  • Joanna Rasmussen, Marketing Strategist
  • Julianna Flanders, Brand Strategist
  • All other group co-leads


Areas of focus: Policy, Structure, DEI, Analytics, Best Practices

Group Leads

  • Dr. Cindy Caldwell, Co-Lead
  • Korbet Mosesly, Co-Lead
  • Karissa Thompson, Co-Lead
  • Rachel Pease, Co-Lead


Areas of focus: Marketing, Branding, Data collection, Community Connection

Group Leads

  • Ana Owens, Co-Lead
  • Julie Baxter, Co-Lead
  • Kelly Blucher, Co-Lead
  • Tim Jumper, Co-Lead


Areas of Focus: Client service, Relationships, Resource Navigation

Group Leads

  • Amanda Walkingstick, Co-Lead
  • Jeff Dade, Co-Lead
  • Kari Haugen, Co-Lead
  • Jeff Wolff, Co-Lead
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