Business and labor leaders tackle workforce needs.

WorkForce Central convenes industry experts to partner in addressing sector-specific workforce challenges such as building a pipeline of skilled workers ready to meet anticipated demand.


Health care is the largest sector in Pierce County, and it faces talent shortages in critical nursing positions. The Pierce County Health Careers Council (PCHCC) builds awareness of career opportunities in health care and creates programs to advance health care workers along the career path by increasing their skills.




The PCHCC’s mission is to develop, implement and oversee collaborative strategies that ensure:

  • A sufficient supply of trained health care workers
  • Health services workers have the skill sets to provide quality care
  • Pierce County residents have access to industry-specific training that results in employment and career progression in health services
  • Health care industry has support and assistance to retain staff
  • Awareness of health care careers and training opportunities


In 2015, 48 MultiCare Health System employees advanced their careers through a Career Coaching program launched by the PCHCC. Since it began in 2001, nearly 500 health care professionals have earned degrees and advanced their skill sets, alleviating critical staffing shortages faced by health care employers while offering workers the opportunity to pursue their career aspirations.


Pierce County’s construction industry is growing. Construction employers say they have difficulty finding enough skilled workers to keep up with demand, and demand will increase as an estimated 18.3% of the construction workforce could be considering retirement in the next few years. The Pierce County Construction Partnership is proactively developing a pipeline of skilled workers to make sure the next generation is ready to fill the demand.

Construction in Tacoma featuring a backhoe.


The Construction Partnership’s mission is to develop, implement and oversee strategies that ensure:

  • Awareness and/or promotion of construction careers (including business aspects) and training opportunities
  • A sufficient supply of new entrants and progression of currently employed construction professionals
  • Construction professionals have the skill sets to consistently perform at an optimal level
  • Pierce County residents have access to industry specific training that results in employment and career progression


Every year, the Construction Partnership introduces more than 2,000 high school students to career paths in the trades through Pierce County Career Day. Interactive exhibits allow students to learn about the technical skills required to be successful in internships, registered apprenticeships, training resources and careers in:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation



WorkForce Central is currently seeking industry leaders in several industries to grow a panel dedicated to solving this sector’s unique challenges:

  • Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • IT/Cybersecurity
  • Military & Defense

Please contact our Business Relations Manager for information.

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